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Introduction Welcome to interac.casino. This page contains the terms and conditions (the “Terms”) of interac.casino and describes the rights and obligations all users have on the Website. By accessing the resources and services provided here, and remaining on the Website, you agree and accept our Terms.

More information is provided below. If you do not agree with ANY of the mentioned Terms, we strongly advise stopping use of the Website, along with its services and offered content. Before using the Website, Software or Services, please review the Privacy Policy and these Terms.

The Services

The Website offers information about online casinos, casino games, and other aspects of the gambling industry (the “Services”).
The Services provided are available for free and are meant to educate and provide information to interested users.

Interac.casino does not own an online casino or poker room, in part or in full. There are also no real money bets accepted on interac.casino.

Use of Website and Services All content found on interac.casino, including reviews, guides, news, forums, contests, polls, and other forms, are provided at our discretion. Everything is subject to updates, deletions, or modifications without notice.
The Website is only for users 18 years or older. Those underage are forbidden from browsing content or using Services.

The materials are designed for a mature audience focused on gambling activities. All articles, media, logos, and intellectual property are owned by the Website unless specified.

Content All Website content accords with industry regulations and our Terms.
The content nature is informative and provided by experts.

The content is freely available without paid subscription.

Intellectual Property Rights The Company owns all software, written materials, media files, and any intellectual property on the Website (“Website Content”).
Website Content is copyright protected so illegal to use or distribute without Company approval. By using the Website, you agree with the Services and Terms.

Removing or altering copyright notices is forbidden.

If representing an organization, are authorized with needed authority, have read and agreed to these Terms and the Agreement, and agree on the organization’s behalf.
Third-Party Content The Website may include hyperlinks to other products, websites, services, or content operated by other entities (“Third Party Content”). These are featured as additional references.
You agree the Website and Company are not responsible for content on other websites hyperlinks may direct users to. Using a hyperlink does not indicate Company endorsement of third party content.

Gaming Services

Website Content presents information intended for entertainment and informational purposes only.
The Website may reference Third Party Content related to online gambling and gaming services (“Gaming Services”).

Information regarding Gaming Services is only intended for users located where such services are legal and of legal age.

You understand online gambling laws vary and agree it is your responsibility to ensure activities comply with applicable laws and regulations in your location. Being able to access Gaming Services does not mean it is legal for you.

By using Gaming Services, you agree:

The Website does not provide legal advice regarding gambling legality, online or offline, so it is your responsibility to understand applicable gambling laws.

Although containing gambling information, the Website does not encourage readers to gamble. It is your personal choice.

Limitation of Liability You understand interac.casino is not liable for any damages that may directly, indirectly, incidentally, consequentially, or otherwise occur from using the Website, including data, profit, goodwill or other losses.
You agree the Company and affiliates are not liable for modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Services or Website.

The Website is not responsible for content on linked third-party websites.

Entire Agreement These Terms constitute a binding legal agreement between you and the Website, governing the relationship, along with the Privacy Policy and any relevant Competition terms (“Agreement”).
The Agreement supersedes all previous agreements between you and the Website. By accepting and continuing use, you do not rely on Company warranties or guarantees.


All Agreement provisions are severable as permitted by law. One provision’s invalidity does not affect others.
Termination By visiting or using the Website or Services, you agree the Website may block access or close any account at its sole discretion without notification.
Reasons may include but are not limited to improper content usage, Terms violation, or inconsistent behavior. The Company may also close the Website and discontinue Services and Content at any time.

Governing Law and Arbitration By using the Website, you agree the Content and Services are governed by Canadian laws.
In case of controversy, dispute or claim arising from Website use, parties must first negotiate and attempt to reach a satisfactory solution. If unresolved within 30 days, the matter proceeds to higher authority.

Confidentiality By using the Website, you agree to keep any dispute details confidential unless legally required to disclose and directed by the Company. You will not exploit confidential information except to resolve the dispute while maintaining strict participant confidentiality in any arbitration.
You may disclose when required by law but must promptly notify and consult the Website.

Irreparable Harm You acknowledge a breach may cause irreparable harm to the Website and Company, and resulting damages may be inadequate, entitling the Company to equitable relief. Proof of damages is not required to enforce this provision if violated.
Surviving Provisions Any Terms provisions may survive Agreement expiration or termination until their purpose is achieved.
Waiver No Company waiver of any Term shall be construed as a waiver for any preceding or succeeding breach.
Third Parties Nothing on the Website, in these Terms, Privacy Policy or Competition terms creates third party benefits or rights. No Term shall be used by a third party to establish a partnership, agency or joint enterprise with the Company unless specified.


The Company reserves the right to assign, transfer or sublicense the Terms and Agreement in whole or part without your consent:
To another company group entity
In a merger, sale or similar corporate transaction You shall not assign, transfer or sublicense any Agreement obligations or rights.
Accessing Services To properly access the Website and Services, you must first obtain internet access at your own cost for any needed service fees, equipment like computers, mobile devices, modems, etc.
You must also be at least 18 years old and of legal age per applicable laws to access, register or participate in Website competitions or contests